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4. Mai 2011 3 04 /05 /Mai /2011 21:03
Bangladesh: A Growing Textile Economy

Bangladesh’s textile industry is comprised of a mix of small- to large-scale privately and publicly owned companies.

By T.C. Malhotra
T he textile industry has played an important role in Bangladesh’s economy for a long time. Currently, the textile industry in Bangladesh accounts for 45 percent of all industrial employment and contributes 5 percent to the total national income. The industry employs nearly 4 million people, mostly women.

A huge 78 percent of the country’s export earnings come from textiles and apparel, according to the latest figures available. Bangladesh exports its apparel products worth nearly $5 billion per year to the United States, European Union (EU), Canada and other countries of the world. It is the sixth largest apparel supplier to the United States and EU countries.

Major products exported from Bangladesh include polyester filament fabrics, man-made filament mixed fabrics, PV fabrics, viscose filament fabrics and man-made spun yarns. Major garments exported include knitted and woven shirts and blouses, trousers, skirts, shorts, jackets, sweaters and sportswear, among other fashion apparel.
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