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Ein Brief, der an Indien adressiert wurde, wurde von einem Amerikaner geschrieben.


January 25, 2011
A Letter to India…

Dear India,
Recent killings of Bangladesh-Children in India have moved me. When I can’t wrap my mind around what can happen in this world, the order and structure imposed by verse can help clear my mind. Therefore, I have enclosed a poem at the bottom of the write-up.

We Americans have about one image that we can keep in our head about a country at a time. The one many of us have of India is that of Gandhi, peacefully leading a march to the sea to make salt. We tend to think of India as a spiritual, non-violent land. Perhaps that’s why so many people I’ve mentioned it to here are shocked by India’s border killings of innocent Bangladeshis, especially the girl, Felani.

Dieser Brief hat keinen Bangladshi geschrieben sondern einen Amerikaner. Der Inhalt dieses Beriefes zeigt sich, dass der Indische Border Force (BSF) unschuldige Bangladeshi-Kinder an Grenzposten durch Schüsse getötet haben.


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