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Padma Bridge, Bangladesh


Padma Bridge, Bangladesh


The year 2009 begins with a significant event dominating the media - the Long Span and Specialty Bridge Group has secured another major win, in the form of Padma Bridge, a 5.58 kilometre-long river crossing in Bangladesh. In a joint bid involving significant efforts across regions, staff in Hong Kong worked closely with colleagues in New Zealand and Australia; the collective efforts culminating in a very high-profiled win of the design of this US$1.5 billion bridge project.

The Padma River carries the third greatest water discharge of all the rivers in the world but it is ranked as the highest in terms of sediment transport and is one of the largest and most challenging river for which bridge construction has been attempted. The 5.58 kilometre-long river crossing will be South Asia's largest. Padma Bridge will connect the southwest of Bangladesh with the capital Dhaka, cutting travel times by several hours and boosting business through the movement of goods including carrying a railway planned for connection to the Trans-Asian network, communication infrastructure and a gas transmission pipeline. Once completed, government officials estimate that the new bridge will increase Bangladesh's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 1.2 percent.

The consultancy bid involved a two-stage process. First it was a purely technical bid and the consultant team ranked top technically was then invited to submit financial proposals and to participate in contract negotiation. AECOM's being ranked top in the technical evaluation firmly demonstrates the strength of its global Long Span and Specialty Bridge Group and that strength being recognized through its success in the Sutong and Stonecutters Bridge projects. The win is also exemplary of the success of AECOM Global Transportation - in harnessing the collective resources and transportation expertise of AECOM team members across regions to deliver major transport projects anywhere in the world.



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