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A city that world recognised as happy people's living place
Rajshashi is a division of Bangladesh. Its a cool city for passing a long time like 6 months. City that recognised by a survery that is the living place of the most happy people.

Rajshahi is a place of peace
Rajshahi is a place of love
Rajshahi is a place of joy
Rajshahi is a place of fair
Rajshahi is a place of education
Rajshahi is a place of friends
Rajshahi is a place of anything

Rajshahi City:
Nickname(s): Silk City, Education City
Rajshahi (Bangla: রাজশাহী) is a city in Rajshahi District in northwestern Bangladesh. The river Padma, one of the major rivers of Indian subcontinent, runs along the city.

Rajshahi is the headquarter of Rajshahi Division, one of the six administrative divisions in Bangladesh. Rajshahi Municipality was established in 1876, one of the first in Bangladesh. Rajshahi is located near many ancient capitals of Bengal, notably Lakhnoiti or Lokhonaboti and Pundra. Rajshahi is home to many educational institutes, and is often referred to in Bangladesh as the education city. It is famous for pure silk. Attractive silk products are cheaper in Rajshahi and it is often referred to as silk city. There are also a number of ancient mosques, shrines and temples in and around Rajshahi.

Rajshahi has a population of 700,000. According to the census of 1991[1], 93.46% of the total population are Muslims, 5.51% are Hindus, 0.62% are Christians, 0.02% are Buddhists and 0.39% others.

AREA : 2407 sq km

Rajshahi district was a part of Pundru region of ancient Bengal. The capital of Vijay Sen, the king who led military operations in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia was located 9 miles (14 km) to the west of Rajshahi town. In medieval ages, the region came to be known as "Rampur Boalia". The administrative district was established in 1772 and the municipal corporation in 1876. It was made a city corporation in 1991. During the British reign, it was also known as "Beuleah" and was the administrative headquarter of Rajshahi district in Eastern Bengal and Assam. It was originally chosen as a commercial factory for the silk trade, which was being officially encouraged by the agricultural department of that time. The town contained a government college, and an industrial school for sericulture. Most of the public buildings were severely damaged by the earthquake of the 12th of June 1897. There was a daily steamer service on the Ganges.
Rajshahi is also an important educational center in Bangladesh. Major educational institutes include:

1.Rajshahi University
2.Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology
3.Rajshahi College
4.Rajshahi Medical College
5.Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology,Rajshahi Campus
6.Northern University, Rajshahi Campus
7.Islami Bank Madical College
8.Asian University, Rajshahi Campus
9.Rajshahi New Govt. Degree College
10.Barendra College
11.Shah Mokhdum College
12.Rajshahi City College
13.Rajshahi Cadet College
14.Rajshahi Collegiate School (First Modern School in Bangladesh)
15.Government Laboratory High School Rajshahi
16.P.N Govt. Girls School
17.Rajshahi Lokenath High School
18.Rajshahi High Madrasa
19.Shiroil Govt. High School Rajshahi
20.Sarda Police Academy
21.Postal Academy of Bangladesh
22.Rajshahi Polytechnique Institute
23.Teacher's Training College
24.Rajshahi Muslim High School
25.Rajshahi Model School and college
26.Rajshahi Mohila polytechnique Institute
27.Agarani school & college
28.Paramount School and College (English Medium)
29.Masjid Mission Academy, Rajshahi
30.International Hifjul Quran Academy
31.NIIT Rajshahi Center
32.APTECH Rajshahi Centre
33.ACME IT Rajshahi Center
34.Cantonment Board High School, Rajshahi

Major Places
1.Shrine of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum (Rh.)
2.Varendra Research Museum
3.Bangladesh Railway
4.Bangladesh Betar
5.Bangladesh Television
6.Central Park and Zoo
14.Shaheb Bazar
17.Kazla, Talaimari

World's Happiest City
A survey, conducted in 2006 by a London-based organisation and initiated by the London School of Economics(LSE) adjudged Rajshahi as the happiest city of the world. This survey was conducted among the cities of 70 countries.The river Padma & non commercial importance and also old traditional impact of buddhism may be a cause for the people of Rajshahi to be identified as the happiest city people.

Food growing strength also made people living with less stress & a pollution free air to breath .
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