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Bei uns hat es viel früher als viele Länder in Asien begonnen.


Welcome To Bangladesh AtomicEnergy Commission

[Objective]         [Facilities]         [Role]    [BAEC Complexes]    [Contact Us]

Role and Responsibility of Atomic Energy Commission: 
The Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission has the tradition and experience in research and development activities in Nuclear Science and Technology and other related fields over three decades R & D in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy has offered a wide range of opportunities for the application of this frontier science in various fields of economic development, including power generation, health and medicine, analytical chemistry and materials development, materials testing and quality control, preservation of food and other essential products, radiation processing technology for quality products, process control and instrumentation, environmental studies and many other fields of applied and fundamental research . 

The primary objectives of BAEC are-

Promotion of the peaceful uses of atomic energy in agriculture , medicine and industry development of related technology like electronics, computer, material sciences etc.
Planning, implementation and operation of nuclear power station .
Service in the sterilization of medical products, food preservation , non-destructive testing , elemental analysis , hydrology etc .
Discharge of international obligations .

Present Condition of Nuclear Facilities in Bangladesh
Present Status:
Both sealed and unsealed sources of radioactive materials and radiation producing devices are being increasingly used both in the private and public sectors.

The important Nuclear Facilities at present condition are- 

A 3 MW TRIGA MARK` research reactor installed in 1986 at AERE,Savar for carrying out R&D activities and production of certain short-lived radioisotopes .
A 3 MeV positive ion Van de Graff accelerator (VDG) installed in 1964 at the Atomic Energy Center , Dhaka (AECD) for R&D activities.
A 14 MeV neutron generator installed at AERE, Savar for R&D activities.

Research Complex / Institute / Centres / Establishments

Atomic Energy Centre (AECD), Dhaka
Nuclear Medicine Institute (INM)
Nuclear Medical Centres (NMC)
Beach Sand Exploration Centres(BSEC) , Coxbazar
Radiation Testing Laboratory  Chittagong
Rooppur Nuclear Plant at Pabna
Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE)

Contact us:

4, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, G.P.O Box 158 ,Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Fax: 880-2-8613051, e-mail:baec@agni.com

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