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The Israeli governmen has blamed Hamas. They have neither produced nor cited evidence for their excuse . Following this, Israelis seized a Palestinian youth and killed him by burning him alive. After that the Israeli police beat-up the cousin of the murdered youth, punching in the face when he was unconscious on the ground.

Although Israel, US and a few other countries readily say Hamas is a terrorist organisation, it must be remembered that Hamas was the democratically elected government of Gaza, after Israel destabilised the government of Yasser Arafat.

At Xmas 2008/New Year 2009 Israel killed 400 children and 900 adults in Gaza. This was because some people in Gaza had fired simple rockets into Israel. Throughout 2008, prior to the Israeli atrocities, those rockets had not killed anyone in Israel.

How many children and how many adult Palestinians have the Israelis killed this time?

Up to 15:30hrs, 21st July 2014

548 Palestinians killed

66 Children killed. Including these 4 children killed 16 July. (Old data)

3,150+, injured, of whom 70% are Women & Children. (Old data)

18 Israeli soldiers and 1 civilian killed & 26 soldiers slightly wounded by Hamas.

Which is the terrorist state, Israel or Gaza.    



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