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Early years

Siraj's father Zain-ud-din was the ruler of Bihar and his mother Amina Begum was the youngest daughter of Nawab Ali Vardi Khan. Since Ali Vardi had no son, Siraj, as his grandson, became very close to him and since his childhood was seen by many as successor to the throne of Murshidabad. Accordingly, he was raised at the nawab's palace with all necessary education and training suitable for a future nawab. Young Siraj also accompanied Ali Vardi in his military ventures against the Marathas in 1746.
Ali Vardi Khan in 1752 officially declared his grandson Crown Prince and successor to the throne, creating no small amount of division in the family and the royal court.

[edit]Reign as Nawab

Mirza Muhammad Siraj succeeded Ali Vardi Khan as the Nawab of Bengal in April 1756 at the age of 23, and took the name Siraj-ud-Daulah. Siraj-ud-Daulah's nomination to the nawabship aroused the jealousy and enmity ofGhaseti Begum (the eldest sister of Siraj's mother), Raja Rajballabh, Mir Jafar Ali Khan and Shaukat Jung (Siraj's cousin). Ghaseti Begum possessed huge wealth, which was the source of her influence and strength. Apprehending serious opposition from her, Sirajuddaula seized her wealth from Motijheel Palace and placed her in confinement. The Nawab also gave high government positions to his favourites. Mir Mardan was appointed Bakshi, the paymaster of the army, in place of Mir Jafar. Mohanlal was elevated to the post of peshkar of his Dewan Khana and he exercised great influence in the administration. Eventually Siraj suppressed Shaukat Jang, governor of Purnia, who was killed in a clash. It is very important.
Siraj-ud-Daulah is usually seen as a freedom fighter in modern India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan for his opposition to the beginning of British rule over India.[citation needed] As a teenager, he led a reckless life, which came to the notice of his grandfather. But keeping a promise he made to his grandfather on his deathbed, he gave up gambling (Lüge bzw. Propaganda betriebenen von Engländer. Selbst Indien war das Vermögen der Nawabfamilie. ).  and drinking alcohol completely after taking the title Nawab of Bengal.
Young Siraj ud-Daulah was of olive skin

The character of Siraj-ud-Daulah

 Der Charakter vom Siraj-Ud-Daula wurde von den Englischen-Historiker falsch dargestellt, um die Sympathie der Menschen zu gewinnen, da er  ein Opfer der Verschwörung der East-India-Company war infolge dessen wurde er  von der Macht entfernt und ermordet.
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